Teacher Foldouts

What is a Foldout?
A “foldout” is a 10-page mini-in-service filled with research-based information, best-practice teaching strategies, graphic organizers, and additional resources all focused on a specific topic
Teachers_GenderIDifferencesimportant to educators. The foldout is printed on heavy card stock and folds into a single 8 ½ by 11 piece. All foldouts are published by Incentive Publications and can be ordered at http://www.incentivepublications.com/products_search.asp or at 1-800-421-2830. Please note: Bill also provides highly motivating and interactive workshops on each of the following foldout topics.


  • Engaging the Disengaged Student
  • Teaching to Gender Differences
  • nternet Research and Evaluation
  • Brain-based Strategies to Increase Retention and Recall

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  Engaging the Disengaged Student
Why is it that a child will not sit still in the classroom but will sit mesmerized by a video game? Technology possesses six “mind traps” that engage the human brain. Students who are given choices about the content with which they interact will take on ownership of the learning. Students who collaborate and communicate will stay interested. Students who are challenged by attainable goals will persevere.
In this foldout, you will find:

  • An explanation of the six “mind traps” that engage the brain
  • 27 strategies to get students engaged in learning
  • Activities for Math, Science, Language Arts, Science, etc.
  • Graphic organizers that are proven to engage learners

Order at 1-800-421-2830 http://www.incentivepublications.com/products_search.asp

Teaching to Gender Differences Teaching to Gender Differences
This foldout is presently being updated due to new advances in neuroscience. Please check back later.

Order at 1-800-421-2830 http://www.incentivepublications.com/products_search.asp

Internet Research and Evaluation Internet Research and Evaluation
When students are searching for information, planning a project, or developing an idea or argument, they WILL turn to the Internet for research. Unfortunately, for many of our students, internet research simply means “cut and paste” with no evaluation of the web site or its information. Locating and evaluating web sites and identifying reliable facts are MUST HAVE skills for our 21st Century students.
In this foldout, you will find:

  • 5 clear steps for internet research
  • A well-annotated list of credible online reference sites
  • A clear explanation of how to use search engines
  • Graphic organizers designed for evaluating web sites

Order at 1-800-421-2830 http://www.incentivepublications.com/products_search.asp

Brain-based Strategies to Increase Retention and Recall Brain-based Strategies to Increase Retention and Recall
A common complaint from teachers is, “Aren’t they teaching them anything in the lower grades?” In fact, students are learning much at every grade level, but their abilities to remember what they learn is often severely limited. The information never passes from short-term to long-term memory. As we learn more about how the brain processes information, we are also learning how to move information into long-term memory and help students access it.
In this foldout, you will find:

  • How to funnel information into long-term memory
  • How much information to provide at various ages
  • 32 ways to help students remember what they learn
  • Graphic organizers designed to increase retention and recall Order at 1-800-421-2830 http://www.incentivepublications.com/products_search.asp